On the way home today...

I stopped along the Clackamas to try get a little fishing in (my fishing time is pretty limited) and I noticed an excessive amount of litter that had washed down the river and collected in one area...seemed to be a lot of shoes and sandals...so many it was weird. So instead of being selfish with my time I decided to "walk the walk" instead of just "talking the talk" and pulled out my garbage sack (which I recently added to my pack) and picked up 19 different shoes and sandals in about 100 ft along the the river, along with assorted other pieces of trash. Took about 15 minutes to fill a large garbage bag and felt almost as good and catching a fish. ;)

PS -- I hadn't seen this post from yesterday when I posted this. There may be a lot of people out there who don't care about our natural resources, but it sure warms my heart to hear about the good things people do all the time without the need for any recognition.
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noble acts of unselfishness never go unrewarded.
the fish gods are smiling down on you:pray::):pray:
Shoes? Reusable? :D
I sure hope there are'nt people out there looking for their shoes now so they don't have to walk home barefoot!!!!

Way to go Bohemian you make us proud. Did you get any fishing in?
Johnny Southpaw
You've got some good mojo working for you now...I appreciate what you did as do the fish and other river-goers. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Hat's OFF to you! :clap: :dance: :clap: That's the only way we are going to clean up the mess,one bag at a time. A big black bag is now part of my fishing gear also. Maybe we need to take two,one to fill and one to hang from a branch so others will use it? Wouldn't it be great if those shoeless people came looking for their shoes and realized how much trash needed to be picked up and pitched in to help?! Just wishful thinking....:think:
Thank you for being such a great example to EVERYONE! Ever little bit helps especially when we have so many people that want to clean up the rivers!
NIce job! :clap: Too many people just take and not enough give something back. This is what makes me proud to be a OFF member. I met some of the forum members last week at the OFF hole was happy to see the trash bags being left out for everyone to use. I always pack out some trash when hiking or fishing. Just trying to leave the area a little cleaner than when I found it.
way to keep the rivers clean of other people garbage, we have a major problem eith that on the Rogue here in GP, and Raincatcher the 2nd bag idea does work. I have a hole that a few people started leaving all their used line and everything else under the sun, so i took a Large trash bag hung it on a tree and 3 days later i went to fish and it was half full and the bank was clean. Happy days now that people pack in pack out or use bags


If you go the upper Siltez past Moonshine Park, there have trash cans at just about every fishing hole on side of the road , AND guess what , people still can,t pick up their stuff !!, my son and I have small trash bags with us all the time, SOME people are just Slobs
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