old rods???

Too hot for fishin for my taste.... so start another thread. Been some interesting talk about qaulity rods and so forth, so got any oldies or unique rods? my collection of favorites are, a classic sears fiberglass ted williams signitgure series that cast like doo doo, a 1991 walton powell hexograph with a brazilian rosewood handle and sage nickel guides built by the late john prop, ( my friends nicknamed it "the hand of god" ) and my steelhead rod, a 1982 sage fiberglass 6 wt that I adore, and of course a shorty old yellow eagleclaw for the creeks.... whats in your closet?
I dont really know if my rods are counted as old yet ;)
Air im7 with amb 6500 on it
Shakespeare Inspinity with a Inspinity Spinning Reel
Some really chunky Daiwa rod/reel.

The inspinity isn't bad, but I love the air im7 when it comes to hucking big weights! :dance:


I have a nice collection of old fiberglass Fenwicks; the brown ones. I have one 7/8 wt., one 5 wt. and a 6 wt. Something about the fiber glass rods, I have a few newer Loomis and Lamies but I tend to revert back to the 5 wt. glass rod. Must be the smell of old fish that brings me back.;)

Ive got a square rod, and one bamboo. Ill go grab some pics real quick...oh ya. and the infamous yellow eagle claw!
I'm just starting to build my Fly Rod Collection

#6 9' Cabela's Stowaway - 5 piece rod that you can take anywere
#8 9' Cabela's LST (i think) - got this for Salmon and Steelhead
#4 9' TFO (Lefty Kreh?) - My new favorite, great for the average fish around here.

3-4 cheapo rods that don't really get used much except for casting practice in the back yard. I've caught a ton of fish on these guys so they deserve retirement. :)
I've got a pair of "first-gen" Park'R Powr-Ply rods from back when the founder was still making them by himself in San Francisco - hand-numbered and signed, a 4 weight and 6 weight, both 6 footers.

I've also got a pair of old 4pc Fenwick backpacking rods, one's around a 4 weight, 7' 1/2" with a fly handle (it's got a weird serial number so I wasn't sure if it was just an odd combo rod for a while, it's pretty mushy for me) and another Fenwick backpacking rod with a combo handle, which is slightly heavier.

I've got one old reel of a brand I can't recall from the same era - mid to early 70s - which I'm trying to find a second spool for, and hopefully next season I'll have put together enough scratch to think about getting a newer, shorter rod which would be handy for the small stream fishing I've been doing a lot of lately.

Thats an old challenger rod(I throw a 5wt line with it) my great grandfather willed to me. It's reallllly slow but its fun(I've only used it a cpl times) fish with it for half a day and then grab my 5wt sage (590-sp) and man what a diff time and technology has made. Both are fun to fish with though, i dont fish with the bamboo too much because its pretty well perfect with both tips and neither tip has been broke b4 and I dont want to break it, but small water with smallish fish and I'll fish with it.
I've got an old South Bend split bamboo fly pole still in the orginal card board storage tube and cloth rod bag.
I also have an old split bamboo fly rod in a mohogany presentation case with three differnt weight tips,cat gut fly line and hand tied flies,my father brought back from japan or the philiphines when he was there in the early 50's.The thing has never been used and is in mint condition.I don't ever plan on using it and just bring it out once and a while to show friends,but the rod is never taken out of the case.
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