Old Mitchell

my father recently handed me down an old mitchell 300 and i was curious if this would make a good reel for steelheadin,,,it seems heavy duty...if nothing else it is very sentimental........thanks for looking
I say grease it up good and give it a shot!
Perfect for Steel...

Perfect for Steel...

My first Steelhead reel was a Mitchell 300...still have it.
Like was said; grease it up and let her fly...great reel and you can't beat the price.

thanks the price was right!!!!!!!thanks for that link ttfishon,,hes got a couple more that need servicing
Your welcome. If you want more of those reels there's a store in Sweethome that had a bunch of them last year. I'm sure they still have them. There was probably at least 20 of them. They were selling them for 20 to 30 dollars apiece.
John B
Back in the day Mitchell 300 was the gotta have reel. Perfect for Steelhead,
all metel parts, easy to adjust drag.
Back in the day Mitchell 300 was the reel that I dream of-big upgrade from my Zebco 202!:)
Mitchell 300

Mitchell 300

The Two biggest fish I have gotten where on the old 300 , one a nothern 36 " inches , and a 36 " steelhead , and about 30 years apart !! use it !!
I've used 3 variations of the Mitchell 300, for many types of fish including summer run steelies. They work great for that! Depending on what type of line you use, you can likely use it for Winter fish too!

Good luck!
bd2cool said:
Back in the day Mitchell 300 was the reel that I dream of-big upgrade from my Zebco 202!:)

I still have my 202! and a red and white boy scout 202 I built as a little feller!
I still have & use my 2 Mitchell 300 & 2, 300 xe reels. I've caught 30 lb Striped Bass & 20lb catfish with em.

My first Mitchell 300 i paid about $11 at a Longs Drugs store...



My first river run chinook was caught on the good ole 300.
in 1992 old 300 use to get line under spool so I bought a new shimano and a eagle claw.never bought another mitchell. last year I got a mitchell outback ultra light combo at bimart for $24. its a great little outfit and I like the rod because its 2 pieces.
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