Olallie Lake tips?

We're heading up to Olallie Lake this week for a few days of fishing. If you've been up there in the past couple of weeks, I'll welcome fishing tips and perspectives on the roads, the cabins, trails, and mosquitos. Any nice fish caught yet?
I haven't been up there this season yet but it should be good by now. If you are trolling flies then choose a black pattern. Remember not to try and horse in a big fish. My wife lost a trophy by doing so. If Penninsula campground is open and, should you decide to camp there, DO NOT stay in site #24. It is a WIND vortex. Last year in August we were in that spot wearing sweatshirts around a fire and there were guys in a campsite across the road not more than a hundred and fifty feet away wearing no shirts. For other accommodations look up their web site and see if there are any cabins or yurts available. Good luck, welcome to the forum, and I'll expect a full report.:cool:
We're prepared for all three... I plan to start with trolling, have a jug of fresh worm, with fly rods waiting on standby. From yours and other comments, it looks like the rock wall is a good place to start. We have a group of ten, and we're counting on fish for dinner. Any recipe favorites for cooking trout (we'll have a grill and frying pan)? Thanks for the tips.
The nine of us had a great time at Olallie Lake for the three days of 7/13, 14, and 15. The roads were in better shape than anticipated, the cabins and campgrounds in great shape (we used both), the weather continuously improved from ok to outstanding, with the fishing only hanging in there at ok. Truth to be told, we were up there for a bachelor's party, with our fishing a secondary activity. We did pretty good considering how little time each of us had a pole out over the water. Our only serious fishing, if you can even call it that, was on Thursday the 14th, for dinner that evening. We cooked eight trout almandine that night, each right around 11" to 12", after a few throw-backs. Black rooster-tails with silver spinners, worms, and flies were successful. We saw a couple guys on a boat who had a big one on board and had caught dozens more small ones fishing with power-bait not far from the boat docks. The mosquitos were not as bad as expected, the bear grass was in bloom, and the little resort primed and ready for a robust summer of visitors. Thanks to all for the tips.
Glad you had a great time up there.

A nice way to combine a bachelor party, with fishing, camping, and trout almondine. It's GREAT when prepared that way!
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