O'Dell Lake

Fish-On Fred
Spent 10 days at Shelter Cove Resort. Fished with Jigs with white corn dosed with Tuna oil and some with Anise. First several days hooked up with a fair number out from Trappers Creek and in the bay to the west of it. Early morning seemed the time to hit it as we did try evening and was disappointed with the effort. Went to the east end past Serenity Bay to what they call the Eagles Nest and did quite well. Trolled back along the shoreline with a frog type wiggle wart and picked up small trout. The size of the Koke's were small. These last few days, the trollers were doing better at 80 ft. as the fish were moving around in schools. Very few jumpers to cast to as the water is around 50 degrees at surface. Maybe things will improve but a weather system is to hit this weekend. Sometimes the fishing is good then. Tight lines, Fred
Great report, seems everyone is commenting about the size but a 30 fish limit helps to make up for it. Have tried for the trout with little success but have seem some beautiful rainbows caught trolled close to shore
I'm surprised no mention of macks while you were jigging. If your spending that much time there set some crawdad traps over by rocky point and use kok heads as bait , Adds something more to the catch.
how are the campgrounds there? Planning on making a trip in September.Have never been there
Campgrounds are the standard state built sites at princess creek with about 10 on the water with just water hookups I think. The two private campgrounds are nice especially shelter cove and can handle bigger rigs but some complaints about the price.
Princess creek you get the highway noise and shelter cove you get the railroad noise if it matters.
I would go to Paulina-East lake myself.
My apologies beforehand to all and the OP. This is pronounced ODELL. In all respect to Irish literacy,in which I am part Irish it is pronounced ODELL!, not O’Dell.Again sorry to all but every time I see this it drives me bonkers. End of my silly rant hope you understand uuggggg! It was named after William Holman Odell the Oregon Surveyor General.
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