Odell Lake not so hot

We fished Odell on Saturday with limited success. The weather was calm and comfortable and the three of us had visions of limiting out. We started at Princess creek and worked our way over to Trappers creek. We passed a lot of boats on the way, at least 50 and only saw a couple of fish caught. We finally found some jumpers on top near the slide. Casting to rising fish with Gibbs minnows, pink, orange, and fire tiger we ended up with 18 fish. The fish were in the 10" to 12" range. We also tried Nordics on the bottom and trolling with no luck. Watching the 30 boats around us I only saw a handful of fish brought in. One boat we talked to had 26 using Gibbs and said that the pair had limited out on Friday. At the dock, a boat inspector said most people were coming out with 2 or 3 fish.
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A guy at work said he and a buddy caught 129 kokes last weekend. It must be hit and miss. Looks like a beautiful day on the water. Thanks for the report.
Rainbows in Odell

Rainbows in Odell

I know that Odell is primarily a Koke lake, but on those days when the bite is just off and you have a need for a line ripper...Don't forget about the Rainbow Population in there....trolling along the south east shoreline in about 10' - 20' (feet) will be very surprising; your regular Trout gear will work. I even picked up a Laker with a Gold Spoon, I troll with my Koke rod and reel, put an 18" Rainbow Trout on the other end and you will have to have the smile removed from your face via surgery;) .
Just an idea.

Thanks for the report and the pictures. Think it's the first time I've ever seen Odell without white caps. lol
I was there this afternoon for a bit and seen a bunch of jumpers but not many catchers but i am sure there were some guys doing better than others. we managed 4 to the boat but didn't try to hard or for too long.
man i was at the wrong lake
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