Ochoco Reservoir trout fishing in late June?


My buddies and I are planning our 11th annual camping and fishing trip; Ochoco Reservoir for late June. We always pick a lake that we have never been to before. We will have 2 boats at our disposal. And will be full geared up for trolling, wind drifting (dragging flies or jigging lures), or still fishing (bobbers and/ or OFF the bottom).

We plan to set up base camp, this time, at Prineville Reservoir. But we one or two dinks, the last time that we were there. So we're planning to hit Ochoco. Which is only about a 40 minute drive, from base camp.

Any information that youse guyz can share about tactics, or areas to fish (and those to avoid) would be most welcomed. What types of flies, casting or jigging lures (spinners, spoons), or trolling gear (flashers, dodgers) etc usually work best? That would also be good to know.

"Fishing in Oregon" doesn't give any details. But the "Comlpete Angler's Guide to Oregon" recommends angling at the mouths of Ochoco creek and Mill creek. Which are on the east end of the impoundment. I would also think that trolling in front of the dam, would be a good bet too. Yes/no? The book also suggest the upper end of the lake as well.

Also...what have the last 2 or 3 years been like, out there? As far as water levels go. Have recent years seen "high flows" or "low flows"?

Looking forward to your replies.


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I have no information on the fishing but we spent some nights in Prineville exploring last May and Ochoco Res. sure looked fishy, enough to make me want to go back and fish. Good luck.


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I've caught and have seen some nice rainbows at the east end where the creek feeds in while fishing for SMB with small rapalas. Watch your meter for the edges of the creek. the water is a little colder in the creek than the area surrounding it.


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Could only find 1 plant for Ochcoo in late april.
Myself I would head to Lake Roosevelt


Could only find 1 plant for Ochcoo in late april. Myself I would head to Lake Roosevelt
Thanks. But that looks way too far to travel, for a day trip, from Prineville. And way to small for boats too boot. But please let me know if I'm mistaken.


Last year the water levels were pretty low, I stopped fishing it on Memorial day weekend. I have done well there in years prior trolling flashers with red wedding rings and worms. We have also done well trolling rooster tails or small flat fish without flashers. I like to fish the center of the lake starting from the no wake buoy and going to the entrance of the boat launch area.