North Fork Nehalem River


Caught my first Steelhead fishing the North Fork Nehalem River on Thursday. Wow what a species! I thought Smallies had a lot of fight. SH run like hell! It wasn't pretty, I let her get down below some rapids while adjusting my drag. my uncle helped get it fixed and I dipped and reeled until I worked her over the rapid. I got her in close and Ken helped me land it. There she was 25" 6lb Hatchery.

I was pumped but not as pumped as my uncle. He has been waiting awhile for me to get into fishing let alone Steelie fishing. An awesome trip and a new species. Caught her on a drift setup with yarn.

I recognize that waterfall behind you! I have pulled a fish or two out of there myself, it's a good spot. I remember my first - fishing in the rain and cold, disgusted and wondering if there are really any fish within 100 miles of me. I looked back up toward the warm and dry truck we drove down and the steelhead hammered my spinner, jumped, thew the thing back at me and almost hit me with it and was gone. With shaking hands I reeled in the line and decided that maybe, just maybe the cold and wet wasn't so bad.


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T'riffic! After the first steelie the rest are easy (..not!) Congratulations on a great-looking fish.
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