North American Hunting Club?

I've gotten these before in the mail and never thought about it. This one had a little scratch off to see if I would win a free cookbook, or field knife set or both, and guess what, I won both, how lucky. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone has ever signed up for this? Sounds hoky, like a scam, but worth checking if somehow it is legit. Do you really test stuff out for them? Or do they send you stickers and more license holders to test?
Swamp Puppy
i can't say that it is a "scam" per se, but i will say that there is more hassle than benefit from it. they just want your money. period. as for the product testing, they will start you off with little trinkets and gadgets and MAYBE...MAYBE..if you stick with it long enough and let them bleed enough money out of might eventually get to test something cool.

i sent a reply card back to them a few years ago and they sent me a mebership bill. in the meantime, i decided i wouldn't bother with it so i tossed the "bill" in the trash. being that i hadn't received anything from them it was nothing more than a, "hey..give us money and you can join" sort of "bill". a few months later i started getting collection calls from them saying that i owed them money for my "membership". a membership i never actually consumated and they never sent me anything other than the junk mail everyone else gets. took me 4 or 5 phone calls with various people to finally get them off my back.
Total scam same thing happen to me Swamp Puppy. Never got anything but a bill. No magazine no cookbook no knife.
I ran with them for about 2 years. Thier magazine was decent but I never tested anything. They are great at sending offer$$$$.
never got anything to test from them except the stickers and note pads, the stickers come off at 120 mph so not that great , but hey the note pads are great for the wife to put down your honey due list on lol .
I had a hard time stopping them from taking out the yearly dues and could not see the stickers and note pads being worth what the dues are so you can take it from there if you want to join or not .
I get the invitation to join about once a year, open it and take everything out to use and throw it away. Its just a club, not worth the money. Brian
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