No Fishing This Weekend! Surpize MOM

As much as I would like to be fishing this weekend there is no way I was going to miss this birthday party. We have been planning for months to have a birthday party for my mother who turned 97 on friday. It was very low key by necessity but lots of fun none the less. She lives with my brother in Tacoma and so we had the grandkids (5 plus spouses) who live in WA and their kids (9 who are under 12 years old) meet at the chapel for an indoor picnic. Pictures of 4 generations for all who were there and cake and pies to finish OFF the gathering. Mom lasted about 30 minutes but at her age she can still walk, talk and hear with just a little assistance. I feel very blessed as a family man to have such great relatives.

Fishing next Saturday at Meldrum Right? I'll be there even if I'm tired and late! Does the butt crack of dawn still happen?

As you can see I learned to fish with my mom when fishing was great off the coast of WA.

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How wonderful,to spend time with family to celebrate a person who so influenced so many lives is a true blessing. When you are in the presence of a loving family,fishing definitely takes a back seat. Thanks for sharing. Oh,and I'm pretty sure "butt crack" still
Wow That's awesome Gene. Your Mother is a perfect example that fishing is the key to longevity.
That is sooo cool....Family is great. My mom is 73 and has influenced people in more ways than one....She never did like to fish but she made sure everybody was fed that was fishing and she LOVES to eat what I bring home, tho she doesn't understand this C&R idea cuz I don't bring anything home...:D
Throbbit _Shane
Happy birthday GDBrowns momma :D
X 3...that's really cool man!

And kudos to u, for making time for your family (I'll bet you learned that from your mom). ;-)

P.S. My pops just turned 72 today. He taught me how to fish, and I have now been teaching the fishing merit badge to kids at church (for several years now). And, it's all thanks to my dad!
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