Need help rigging:D

I need help on how to rig for carp. It will be my first time out for carp and will be hitting a small lake, about 3 or 4 acres. I plan to use corn and was wondering, do I fish it on the bottom or w/ a bobber? How much weight? Is there something better that I should use? And is 10lb mono strong enough?
10lb mono should me fine. Use an inline egg sinker, bead, then swivel. Use a 6-12" leader with a size 6 or 8 hook with a bunch of sweetcorn or doughball made by compressing bread into a small ball.

Cast close to features such as lillypad, overhanging trees and bushes.
I have used the same set up (rig) as described above, but with a nightcrawler. I was fishing for trout, when I found out that this will catch carp also.

You may not believe it, but I actually once caught several carp one day. I was using top-water bass plugs! But, that was a one time occurrence and not the norm.

Be sure to check the regs too. In most waters, carp fishing is legal. But, there are a few waters where is NOT legal. Devil's Lake at Lincoln City is one example.
That's for grass carp. In the Beaverton area you'll be fine.
You want to use as little lead as possible. When i fished for carp as a kid we would use a jig head tipped with corn or worms. If your using bread balls u do not need weight at all. The bread is heavy and will sink, allowing the fish to pick up your bait and not know that he is getting tricked. Carp are finicky feeders at times and are easily spooked. Try chumming floating bread pieces "when no ducks are around ":) You can catch them on topwater bread balls when they start to surface.Ten lb test is more then enough, and heavy as needed at anytime . Make sure to fish your line with slack in it. You will see your line go out ten inches and come back over and over until he commits. I never fish a tight line even if your using a sliding weight you need to give the fish slack. You dont want the fish to feel your rod tip when biting, and a sliding sinker does nothing for you if you dont give the fish slack line .
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