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So my wife is running the hood to coast this Saturday in Seaside. I'm traveling from Salem to seaside to pick her up, so I'll be traveling along the Necanicum River on my way to seaside. I've never fished the river but I figure I'll have a few hours to kill before her team arrives so I thought I'd bring my fly pole and spend a few hours fishing for trout or the sea run cut throat. Anyone fished this river before and can offer any helpful hints?

I've been fishing the north Santiam river pretty often recently and done very well recently around the Minto park area for those around Salem looking for a place to catch a lot of fish.
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There is only one fly, to have a great day w/ Bluebacks (sea-run cutties). The Borden Special. Period. Old timers, every year, buy them by the DOZENS! When old timers buy dozens, of a specific fly/lure--you KNOW that, they WILL catch fish! Another one to try, would be a Brown Teeny Nymph.

And for spin fisherman...HOT PINK Rooster Tails, are the bomb on sunny days. On cloudy days, switch to Brown Roosters.

Brown Nymphs / Rooster Tails, imitate Blueback protein snacks (small crawdads).

And keep in mind that Bluebacks inhabit slack water pockets, undercut banks w/ slower moving water, backwater eddies, etc. You won't find them, typically, holding in the faster water. They do not require the same cold temps / higher oxygen levels that, 'bows need to have.


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Ballgame;n606622 said:
Perfect, thanks I've never fished for sea run cutts before

You're welcome. Apparently "Bluebacks", is a term used primarily on the Alsea, and Siletz. Most peeps just say, "SRC's". Bob Borden invented "the special", specifically to target those fish on the Alsea. He is one of Oregon's, master-level blueback anglers!

Good luck; and let us know how you do.

P.S. Search the archives, on here, to learn more...
Serious lack of water in my backyard stream right now, so stick to tidewater below 12th Ave Bridge and the pools just above tidewater in the Circle Creek vicinity. We're getting a mist tonight, not enough to pull fish upstream though.

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I have had a lot of luck finding in tidewater near fresh water sources. I will drift a pink corky with a little yarn on it and a sand shrimp tail in the slow tidewater and it doesn't take long to know if they are there or not! I have also seen people use spinners with a chunk of night crawler hung off the treble hook with good success.
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