N Umpqua springer reel 5500 or 6500????

Hello, new to the forum and this is actually my first post. I grew up striper and sturgeon fishing in the Delta of Norther California's Sacramento River in Rio Vista. My brother in law got me hooked on bobber fishing for Springer, now I got the fever. I actually moved up to Roseburg in September. I am looking to get a good setup for this season and I got $150 of Amazon credit. I purchased a Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 5500 C3 (5501 to be exact since I'm a lefty). But I am giving it to my nephew because I hate the push button. So.... I am looking at spending my amazon cash on a new Abu C4, unless someone convinces me otherwise. I just wanted to know what size would be best for Bobber fishing the 5500 or 6500. I plan on keeping 12 lb mono on it. Any help deciding would be a great help. Thanks!
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I would suggest the 6500 spooled with 20lb for springers.
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Welcome to OFF. Glad to have ya.

CAUTION: Some of those reels, are now Chinese made. You ought to stay away, from those. And get the ones engraved with, "Made in Sweden" (on the side of the reel).

The cheap reels, do not bear that mark. In fact the cheapies, are not marked at all (with EITHER country). I had to look hard, to see "made in China", on the BOX (and it was in small print).

X2, with Ducky's suggestion.
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Thank you very much gentlemen!!!
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Check the Ambassador Record reel it's a tank
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