My carp rigs

This first rig is called the hair rigged bread ball. This rig has caught me carp, catfish, large bluegill, and large Willamette River pikeminnow, and suckerfish. I use a size 2 circle hook for the hair rig and this is a video explaining how to make a hair rig:

I use a size 2 circle hook because you have to match the hook size to the bait, in which this case, the bait will be approximately less than an inch white breadball. Do not use a bait holder hook for your hair rig because the spines of the hook will eventually cut the line. This video will explain why bait size is important and why a large bait can be a negative.

I only use white bread because it is bright in color, I have caught more with white than any other bread, white bread is basically sugar which carp love, I have tried many types of handmade boillies but white bread is still best, white bread is cheap and convenient.
For the length of the leader, I try to use 19 inches because I used to use a two hook rig on one rod which were both hair rigged style and the longer leader of 19 inches would always catch the most fish. I believe the longer leader caught more fish because it's the bait furthest from the weight and swivel, thus the fish strikes on the "safest" looking bait. Also, 19 inches seems to be the best length to prevent tangles when casting. So I decided to only use one hookbait because Ive tested out at the same time two rods, one with 1 hookbait, and the other with 2 hookbaits; the 1 hookbait caught more fish. Most fish have experienced some fishing pressure and will know that the one bait is safer than the bed of bait like in these videos:

So the hair rig is connected to a 19 inch leader connected to a barrel swivel because a barrel swivel is smaller and stronger than a standard swivel, and yes I have had carp break my swivels. Now the amount or style of lead/steel weight you are going to connect will depend on where you are fishing, and how far you want to cast. A far cast equals more weight, and a slider weight is preferred BUT catfish love to swallow the hook if they dont feel tension on the line so a stationary type of weight works well. Catfish feels the tension, tries to spit it out, and gets hooked.

Remember when I said that most fish have experienced fishing pressure and will most likely strike on the safest single bait? Well another technique I like to use with this hair rig is called a method. I use this rig if there are no smaller or pesky fish nipping at the bait and there is only one species of fish that is available at the swim. Although this isn't a traditional method, what I do is get one slice of bread and wrap it around my sinker and swivel; and damp it with some water so it's nice and firm. So when you cast it out there, the big ball of bread creates a cloud and large clumps of bread while your hookbait sits on the outskirt of all that madness.

Some people say, why not just use a treble hook with your bread? Well I have tested that theory and the hair rig catches way more than the treble. The hair rig works by making the fish hook itself, so you don't have to. Fish spits out the bait and tada!

Video below of dough on the hook = fail:

Video of a hair rigged piece of bread:

This hair rigged breadball rig works great where there are ducks because ducks get fed tons of bread. It also works great on or near rocks, pebble bottoms, or near boulders. It also works great in really murky/dirty/filthy waters. During any season except winter, I try to find the ducks and/or rocks, but in winter I look for the murky/dirty/filthy water.
This next rig I use on tailling carp.

The corn rig
I have caught carp and catfish on this rig, although worms for catfish is a better bait overall, the bread hair rig is better at small lakes or ponds where ducks are fed frequently.
If the water is clear enough and there are carp tailing and/or feeding in the area, this rig works really well for sight fishing. I basically use a size 2 to 4 baitholder hook completely filled with whole kernel corn for large carp, along with a 19 inch leader, barrel swivel, and a sliding half ounce or less weight. For this rig, you dont have to cast directly near the carp, casting just 10 feet in front of you can do the trick because the corn attracts them to you. Just let the bait sit still for 5 minutes and once a carp slurps it up, reel it in a little and set the hook.
I will also use the same setup except with a size 6 baitholder and more weight depending on distance. I use this rig in carp waters that are shallow, murky, and have a lot of grass and/or reeds. What I do with this rig is cast it out, wait for a bite, and set the hook.

There are also stories behind all the reasons why I do certain things with the rigs, from being skunked and losing carp; but I don't want to bore you to death with stories.
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john montana
The hair rig is interesting...with an artificial I have to see them eat it or they will spit the fly out...I think the hair rig is a nod to that concept of ejection. Good tutorial.
I was thinking, what if you made a hair rigged fly?
john montana
I don't really see the point of a hair rigged fly. bottom line is i can't catch a fish if i don't literally see the fish eat the fly, they just spit it way too fast. you just have to watch the fish open its mouth and eat the fly, then set the hook immediately because they eject it so fast. without scent or bait i don't think they would hang onto the fly very long. 90% of the fun for me is watching the fish eat my friend says, the take is the premier moment! hah...
Watching a huge carp eat the hookbait is such an adrenaline rush, which is why I want to get into some fly fishing this year...I can use my corn rig for sight fishing,but a flyrod can cast a lot further without spooking them...
john montana
It is why I do it...stalking and seeing the take is the name of the game.
Excellent tutorial! Thorough, systematic, and educational.
What type of flys should I get john? Im about to get a flyrod as a gift soon

Thanks fliegenfischer, whats the point in fishing without helping others right?
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