More kids and carp...and crayfish.

john montana
Spent yesterday with the kids on a crayfish expedition, but like most of us, I don't actually go near water without a fly rod in hand. We started with some lunch.
But shortly after eating, I spotted a handful of tailors and managed to hook up a solid fish. JJ took the rod and Elia handled the net duty.
I usually have to play the fish for a minute or two, a hot Columbia river carp is too much for a five year old to handle out of the gate, but once they make the initial run JJ is pretty good at putting the rod to them and getting the fish in close enough to net.
A 14 lber...they have both fought bigger carp, but this was a great start to the day. After releasing the fish, we got down to some serious business.
Great day with the kids!
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Wow, awesome report like always. Great job!
Yeah, that's a great report. Love the way he has the rod anchored under the arm. True 5yr old style.
NICE! Looks like something my 6yr old would enjoy. Where abouts was that & what flies did they bite?

john montana
You can find carp anywhere on the Columbia and Willamette. Just look for knee deep water and start won't have to walk far before you see something cool. The carp are pretty much everywhere. It does help if you avoid areas with a lot of people, or only hit those spots before the peole get there.
I'm out by the expo center but my time away from the house is soo limited I never have time to hunt down a spot. Do you know of anything out here that isn't a quick drop off (like I think marine drive shore line is)

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Another killer carp post!!! Keep em coming!
john montana
You are right on top of carp. They are all over that area. Just do SMS walking and you will fins them. Try general nymph patterns or San Juan worms. Look for tailing fish and you will be in business. There are tons and tons of carp in that area.
SMS walking?

john montana
Sorry, typo and autocorrect on the iPad...some walking. Half the fun of carping is wandering around with a rod in hand. It is a sight fishing game so just walk until you see fish...then catch em!

Kids and I rented a canoe on the Tualatin today. We chucked a crayfish trap in near the dock, the paddled up river stopping to inspect rock piles for crayfish. We hand caught a dozen before returning to the trap. Kids were thrilled to find another dozen in the trap! Great entertainment...
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