Lure size/weight question

From what I've seen in manufacturer's catalogs and luremaking charts, the size of the inline lures are based on weight of the lure body and the blade size? Size 1 is a 1/16oz lure body with a size 1 blade?

How are the lure weights determined? The lure body weight or the complete combination of lure body, beads, clevis, blade, wire and hook? It looks to me that they are indeed heavier than the "advertised" size/weight given.

Thx in advance.
Have you ever read "Spinner Fishing for Steelhead, Salmon and Trout, by Jed Davis? If not, it is a MUST read for peeps who want to make and use their own spinners. Jed lives near Eugene, Oregon. And his expertise (and scientific approach to angling) was generally self taught by primarily fishing the World - Renowned McKenzie River.

This book will teach you just about everything that you'll need to know.

The first time that I made my own spinners (Jed Davis design), I hooked into 4 forty pound Fall 'nooks in one day. And the whole spinner was BLACK!!! I mean a black blade, black weighted body parts, even black tubing on the hook shank). Who woulda thunk that black would work that good!

I believe that you can get the 3rd Edition from Amato Publicaitons, in Portland Oregon. If not, it is available on Amazon.
Yes, I have Jed Davis' book.

I was just wanting to know how the weight of inline spinners was determined. Is it based on the weigh of the lure body or all of the components together? I know that the size numbers are supposed to correlate to a weight but when I'm looking at some of the store bought spinners as well as the ones I'm making, I'm pretty sure they weigh more when all of the other components are taken into consideration.

Or am I just wasting my time even worrying about the weight?

I have some charts from and Janns Netcraft as well as Jed Davis's book that I try to follow.
Okay. I'm glad that you have Jed's book.

I've never personally concerned my self w/ precise weight, or with "trueing" the spinner, etc. I just make 'em and toss 'em. And I've done well.

Thanks for the Luremaking link. I'll check that ou.
Kewl. Thanks for posting all of those links. I'll check 'em out!
The lure weight should always be the weight of the assembled spinner.
Sometimes they are described by the size of the blade they're sporting.
Some use a strange "number" system like Panther Martin, but they are kind enough to disclose the actual lure weight as well.

Some blade makers #5 blade is the same/similar size as another's #6.
If you are building a new pattern, it's a good idea to go to a local shop and buy a few of the correct parts to make up a pattern. Save the pattern for future reference....don't fish it :)

When ordering parts online for your pattern, verify the lengths of the components you want, with your vendor before buying.

Smart manufacturers know that some of us are trying to match rods to these spinners, so posting actual, total, lure weight is very important.
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DirectDrive: thanks for that info. That was what I was looking for. I fish ultralight and light (here in the desert and in the mountains) and am concerned with actual lure weight so I get the proper action from my rod/reel setups.

I contacted a spinnerbait company a couple of years back and they told me their advertised lure weights were based on the jig head weight not the total weight of all components. That's why am asking you guys that have been doing this for awhile how you figure out your inline spinner lure weights. I'm thinking of buying a digital pocket scale to weigh my components while building but don't know if I need to be that concerned about it and go by the various charts as a general rule.
Lure weight should be the weight of the completed lure.
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