Lower Deschutes swimming i mean fishing lol

so today after work i decided to go try the deschutes for trout or steelhead and the sun was just about to go down. i wasn't getting bites or anything like that witch sucked
:confused: but there was a guy there before me and he just landed a monster steelhead it was amazing to see a steelhead that big ! anyways he asked me if i can get a pics of him and the big metalhead with his phone ! and so i was walking over when i triped and fell into the cooled deschutes river and my waders were just filled with water it was very cooled but also funny i just got up and started laughing !!

thats the second time i fell into the water with my waders on lol it was pretty cooled tho.

anyways im still trying to figure out wat flies to use at this time of the year ! like what nymphs n dry flies ?? any help for a beginner flyfisherman ???
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are they chest waders? if so, be careful when you fall in the water wearing them!
rippin fish lips said:
are they chest waders? if so, be careful when you fall in the water wearing them!

yeah i have chest waders !!
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If you fall in chest waders I heard its a lot easier to drown. Since the water fills up in em and they act as a anchor.
I would fish those steel with a washed out orange 8mm bead with a peg-it 1.5 inches above a tiemco hook either drifted or under an indicator.. but some feel this is not true flyfishing but I do
Cooled or cold?
We were just there thursday through saturday and mainly nymphed....bigsteel got one on a dry but mostly they didn't want dry. I used a big black thingy and tied on a caddis pupa and a variety of other very small nymphs......sorry for the lack of exact names....at my age it is lucky i don't have to wear a name tag......They seemed to all hit on the small nymphs....hopefully, in the morning bigsteel will tell you exactly what he used. Too bad you werent there when we were....its coool to meet new OFFers......

BTW the waders are to keep the water out....I have been lucky so far and have taken most of my spills on dry land or mud....
morrish super pupa,gabriels trumpet,diving caddis and silveys caddis pupa are all go to flies over there
for dries i would use purple para wollfs and october caddis
I had some luck with a #18 mahogany dun on the surface...
thank you lilsalmon big steel n eggs !!! ill be sure to try it all out ! but yeah it would be awesome to flyfish with you n bigsteel some time on the lower deschutes ! thanks again !
IF your wearing chest waders you might want to use a belt, if they do not have one built in. This way if you do take a plunge, the belt gives you a bit of time before your waders fill up. So cinch up a belt. My personal experience has been years and years of falling in deep waters. :lol:

Be safe out there!

By the way, did you get to take the guy`s picture? Or did he take one of you?
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