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fish fear the willy

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Nov 16, 2010
Bandon, OR
Went fishing yesterday first stop was a small creek called floras creek hit a couple holes and nothing and last hole i hit was on some private property i can fish and second cast with a bobber and jig and down it went the result was a nice little 5 pound native that i let go after a quick pic. And after a couple more casts it was time to switch rivers so i headed to elk river hit a couple holes their but the water was gin clear so i fished a while and nothing in the first hole so i crossed the river and fished the upper hole and made a few casts and nothing and then i casted another time and turned around the see where my dogs had went and turned back and for the life of me i could not see my bobber so out of habit i set the hook and low and behold their was a fish on the other end. It jumped and i thought i had hooked one of the biggest steelhead i have ever hooked and then i realized it was a chinook on a bobber and jig and at the end of january to boot i about craped my pants to hook one and land it on 12 pound test with a bobber and jig.:D

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Mar 12, 2010
Beaverton, Oregon
Hey there nice fish. I would recomend leaving natives in the water and not letting mud/silt into there gills on the bank. Great job though!

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Jul 26, 2009
If you want to keep that creek a nice little fishing spot you might not want to post its name on an internet fishig web site.

I have been up that creek several times its all private land with out any public access, but you know how it is people dont stop to ask permission and the next thing you know no one is allowed to fish.

your from that area I am sure you remember what happend on the millicoma river now its close to boats because somone blabbed about the fish in it, and people were tresspassing and parking in peoples lawns.

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