Lost vest

Left my vest while fishing on the wilson sunday 3-20 went to the spot and it was gone. If you found it I would be greatful if you contact me, as I don't have the money to replace it (just bought it so and filled it so that was my budget)
I can tell you where I left it what is in it and send you a picture of it
You can PM me or contact me @ kos1354@gmail.com.
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Finneus Polebender
bummer man, hope someone honest who reads the forum finds it!
Ouch! That is indeed a drag. I do hope that it is returned to you.
that sucks, but hey things have gone missing before, someone posted about it and good samaritain on the forum was the person who found it, and was returned!! so it could happen!!!!!
You might also join iFish if you're not a member there, and inquire about it. Lots of wilson fishers over there... What kind of gear did you loose?
Most of the items I made, but it is a new vest and I spent many hours making the tackle. Don't want to get to descriptive on line. The older I get the more cyniocal I get.
love your quote
Have you checked on Craig's list, or posted an ad on there?
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