Lost: fly box w/flies on Crooked River

Lost a fly fishing box with a bunch of flies along the Crooked River on Sept. 7th. Was fishing on the river at the pull off for the Big Bend campground which is right below the dam. Can't recall specifically where the fly bin was dropped but know that it was left somewhere along that stretch. The bin in this photo looks very similar to the one that was dropped.

Know that it is a long shot for someone to find this but would be grateful for any/all help with tracking it down! Beer and/or food would be used for payment.

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That’s a bummer, I lost a box onetime. The cost and collection can be replaced but if it was a gift it really hurts. I now have a little stickers on the inside with email. Naturally once that is complete I have been little more careful and haven’t lost a box again.
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That is good advice to put a sticker with your email address on it and definitely will be more careful going forward. Was gifted to me and had a lot of flies tied by family members in the box. Assume it is lost at this point but still keeping the fingers crossed!
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