Lost car keys

this past wednesday was fishing the clackamas and i lost my car keys anyone found it please hit me a pm it has car keys, alarm remote with a mitsubishi logo on the back, home key, P.O. box key and a little blue light!!!! i would really apreciate if someone give it back to me!!!!:pray: i would give $10 for it!!
which section/location on the clack? that's a long river...
Might try ifish too
Lost my keys a few times. Once it was while fishing the Wilson. I had to hitchhike a ride to the camp store past Jones Creek and call my mom.

Great grandma use to loose her keys all too often till the "you clap it" key chain came around.

Good luck in the search.
i found them a little wet but they still works!!!!
Good for you,it's a real pain to replace those things. Plus,VERY expensive for some reason. Someday ask Autofisher about his Monster Mustang keys...
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