Lost a good trout... what's your next move?

How much time do you wait for before trying to ply your wares to a trout that was hooked, but got away? Or one that produced a solid strike, yet is now wary about the lure?

I've tried waiting 10-20 minutes and switching up lures, but the ones that get away stay lost for me. Anybody have a method that's worked consistently?
While fly fishing I have often put the fly right back in front of them and they take it again. They are feeding agressively though.

While I have seen them hit a second time on occasion usually it's a lost cause. When the fish is lost or doesn't quite get the hook in it's mouth a lot of the times it gets spooked, spooked fish don't bite very well if at all. IMO probably the best tactics to go after them would be with a bait/fly, something that looks more natural and could cause an instinctive strike.
Sometimes, while slowly trolling ...often a wedding ring w worm on a dodger...I'll get a strike, lose it...so I let out a couple of pulls and will get a second successful strike. I suppose if the fish got the worm the first time, it doesn't strike again. Depends on how aggressive the fish is, I guess.
BTW: I was losing more than half my hook ups on wedding rings so replaced hooks with double Gammies or small trebles...resulting in more fish to boat. I'm talking rainbows here.
rippin fish lips
Make the same exact cast again!! I was fishing yesterday, made a cast and go a hit, made another cast in the same exact spot and WHAM! solid hook up to what i thought was a trout... but it ended up being a 27 inch 5 pound hatchery buck steelhead!
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