Lookout Point Reservoir



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Exploratory outing today on Lookout Point Reservoir. Mostly just scanning depths, channels etc. and snooping out the reservoir. Did some long line trolling with willow leaf type blades with a crawler or power eggs on a 20" leader. Managed to eek out a couple of 12-13" bows. Marked a lot of fish but couldn't seem to get much interest. Never see or hear much about this water. Wondered if anyone else has any info about this fishery. Saw like four other boats on the water in the seven hours we spent there. Nice place but have questions about what's going on there.....?


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I have been trying to get out there to fish and learn a little about it but it seems like every time I think I might go something comes up that delays it.
I've been told it has a better size population of crappie but they are scattered and hard to locate.
Also that there are walleyes if you know what you are doing.
But it takes time on that water to learn what's what and its a lot of water to learn.
Even that is complicated by the lake level changes over the year.
Sorry I can't be of help but I thought I'd let you know your interest isn't singular.


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One of those lakes that takes time and more time and then more time, like Plumbertom said a lot of water and it does fluctuate throughout the year. This being said I spent 8 years learning how to fish Hills Creek, the best 8 years of my life... I may not hold the pink slip to Hills Creek but I do hold a long lease on Her...
Hang in there and learn that lake, I guarantee it will be time well spent...



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Thanks guys.....The one thing I did learn is that a bunch of fish were hanging out in the headwaters and that is the area they were also feeding in. After returning home I looked at one of the resource books I have and found out that this fishery is supposedly infested with suckers and pike minnow. Cannot attest to it though. But like plumbertom said and one of the reasons I went there, is because I was told there was multiple species of fish in this water. Specifically (trout, kokanee, bass, crappie, walleye and nookers). I didn't know about the suckers and the pike minnow. Cheers!


I've never caught a sucker there but you can catch some big pike minnows (3-5lbs) along the cliffs directly across from the midway launch. I've caught a lot of nice rainbows and kok's at Lookout but it can be pretty hit and miss. Best months I've seen are July and August once the lake warms up. The lake is very high this year (first time I could launch at the dam in many years) and my last 2 trips left me fishless. I plan to go back soon, hopefully all this hot weather has helped get the bite going. I'll let the community know what I find.

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