Little fall Chinook action



Bare with me.. this is my first attempt to take, edit, or post a video.......
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Nice fish and vid, to say he tired that thing out is an understatement. Great music choices btw
Coho Kid
Nice video, and a nice fish!
Small ugly stick with light line and leader...must have been a blast. Sweet looking fish bro!!! Nice video too!!
That was great! Nice fish and the music was perfect.
rippin fish lips
Nice fish! It's the best catchin them on the ultra lights! nice vid to.
I know that hole! Congratulations!

We drove by on Tuesday because it looked crowded enough and there's plenty of stream to fish. I connected with a salmon 4 holes downstream, but he/she threw the hook as I was maneuvering for a landing.
Nice fish! Benny Hill? lol. I half way expected some fishing slapstick.:D
Nice vid Dan, love the music choices lol I thought that pole looked pretty small. I want to know how full his boots were with water at the end of that though lol.
Nice Fish! Good Job Man! Love the Vid and music! Kept me crackin up!

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