Let's go fishing!!!

Anyone want to go hit it either tomorrow or Saturday? Split gas with ya! If not I'm just gonna end up going Carp fishing at Commonwealth for something to do, stuck at home with no car till Sunday.
dude young
You give me about a week and I will have all the time in the world to go fishing. And I will def. need someone to split the gas with.
Sounds good, let me know!
I wiish I was closer. My daughter and grandson are going home to Kodiak on Saturday. I just finsihed a butt kicker job. I need some rest; I got some time; the river should be ok. I won't go combat fishing on the Russian on any given Saturday. Been there. Done that. I'm going plunking on the Eel Saturday. Hey, its better than chasing carp! Unless you want to split the gas. No, wait. Thats a lotta gass. Good luck to ya!
Well looks like Commonwealth and Carp it is. If anyone wants to join me shoot me a PM I'll be sure and check here before I leave. Probably leave my house around 10 or 11 I'm thinkin'.
If I had my liscense i would hit the water with ya lol end of next month! the closer it gets the harder it is!
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