Lemolo Lake Fishing Reports


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We made a trip to Lemolo this last weekend. My brother, a buddy, and I all had High Cascade Deer tags, and Lemolo is conveniently right next to one of our favorite hunting areas. We ended up not hunting all that much and spending most of our time on the lake. We ended up with 6 trout, 1 brown and 5 rainbows. Surprisingly the brown was our smallest fish at 11". The rainbows were all right around 15", fat, and put up a pretty decent fight. We had about that same amount that never made it to the boat.

Lemolo continues to confuse me. We have been making at least 1 trip a year there, for the past 3 or 4 years, and I don't think I have had the same thing work two times in a row. The first night we were just testing the waters trolling. We had one rod with a flasher setup, one with a rooster tail, one running a fly on top, and I sat up in the bow and cast my fly rod towards the bank. The only pole to get fish was the fly trolling an orange buck-hair caddis fly. I did miss a nice strike on my fly rod running a slim woolly bugger, much to my dismay. The next day we were having some motor issues and we decided to simply drift with the lake's current with split shot and worms. That worked like a charm once we had drifted over to the east end of the lake. I got the motor running and we went out trolling again in the evening and it was slow.

On the way home my son and I stopped off at Stump Lake, which is a place I have always threatened that I was going to stop and fish. It was a nice scenic pit stop without even a sniff of a fish.


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Love Lemolo but like you say its tough to figure. They did a plant with trophy fish so it sounds like you found them. The lodge sells a lure they swear by but never worked for me, At kmart found "large red worms"which look like mini crawlers and will switch to them. Try Brads in silver or orange with crappie nuggets in it.
Great pics and love the hound


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Thanks, he is a pretty good fishing buddy. I don't think I have tried any of that. We have had pretty good luck with flies, but the same fly never seems to work consistently even between days. We have also done really well with rainbow pattern spinners in the spring.
Nice pics and looked like a great weekend. Haven’t tried Lemolo yet. I love trout fishing in the Cascades...it gives me great pleasure and a huge smile on my face. Thanks for the report.


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Alright, I finally got around to watching those videos....definitely going to have to give that a shot. I have heard of people using them to jig at Tokatee, and tried it once with no luck, but never thought about trolling them.


Glad to know that they work at Tokatee. In Fishing & Hunting News, of days gone by, I read about the Tazzie's being used at Lemolo too. I'm always game to try something that no one else, is using. To hopefully entice a bite!
Bought a few 7g Tassies yesterday...2 rainbow trout, 1 brown trout and 1 silver bullet. I only tried one of the rainbow trout lures and had trouble working it. It’s action was going in circles versus the distinct “waddle” That the lure should have. I did slow down the retrieve a bit and achieved a waddle, but the hook would sit off the back kind of funny and I didn’t get the classic rod tip vibration that they recommend. I didn’t catch anything with it, but did get a nice trout off of powerbait. See the 2018 Henry Hagg Lake Reports thread for my report and pic.
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