I have a problem with my leader floating when I use a dry fly, it is highly visible when it is sticking to the surface of the water and I need to find out if there is a leader designed to stop this. Maybe it is the fact that I am using plain Maxima 2-4lb Leader, Should I be using a leader + tippet material designed for fly fishing?
A floating tippet is advantageous when dry flying. Just as your fly sits on the surface tension so should your tippet. Breaking into the subsurface can effect the natural presentation of your offering. I often wax my tippet to ensure it floats rather than sinks.
The reason you have a problem with your leader floating, is because it is just plain old mono. It is not designed to float. But Mucilin will help that out. I do not use tippett material, just standard mono, and I have no problems with running a little bit of Mucilin, on my UG leaders.
I use maxima ultra green tapered down to 4lb and taper it myself. If your line sinks your flie will follow.
I usually tie my own leaders and then run 20" of tippet off of that. If I buy a leader I still usually run 20" of tippet of the end. That way when changing flies I just use up that tippet and tie new tippet on rather then having to go into my leader. Never had any issues with my dry flies sinking doing it that way. Also get more use out of my leader if I do buy one and helps in presentation as well I think having that tippet to the fly. You can get a spool of Rio tippet for like 5-8 dollars and it lasts a heck of a long time.
I make my own ferled leaders. If I want them to float I

rub them down with Mucilin original and let them dry overnight.

I have no problem with leaders that wont float.
looks like everybody has got you on the right track here. Just use some floatant on the line. Make sure it is dry before you cast it onto the water.
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Mono/Braid Floating tip!

When you want your line to float take a wax candle and rub it on where you want it to float and sometimes... On your lure.!

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