late feb. crome!!!

ok so i'll set the stage.

6:30 tuesday morning (today) couldn't sleep so grabbed pole and made a dash for garbage hole. when i got there it was perfect! overcast, cold and EMPTY. rigged up and made a cast, bobber pointing up river, reeled in and adjusted stop and casted again... bobber pointing down river...
reeled in and adjusted stop and casted again. bobber perfect... floated down 20 yards and........................ bobber down! fish on!!! :dance: pulled in a beautiful CHROME 12# nate.

now for the kicker... there all by my self and with no witnesses i pulled out my cell phone to get a pic. in the excitment i unhooked my catch, snapped my pic and folded my phone without choosing "save pic" :redface: and released the fish to the river in which he came. i was ear to ear grin anyways even though i had no proof. bright chrome steel is enough to put a smile on my face no matter how tired i am. fished another two hours without even a sign of fish. must have been right time right place i guess.

well thats my tuesday morning late february story, sorry i have no proof :(
Excitement :D It least you put your phone back in your pocket after you used it. It could be like in this video :lol:

sounds like a great day,,,,its always nice to get one even without pics,,,,,,,,
Good job man sounds fun not always about the pics.
hey bro way to go got to love them big nates.... we really need to get out there and hit some water together sometime i got some wheels!!!
yeah thuggin i know but unfortunately i have "friends" who flat out refuse to believe things without proof. besides they've been fishin with me enough to know that my fish are few and far between.

nice job on the wheels yb we'll need to get together sometime, kinda rough gettin away right now with the wife in school and i'm in the middle of tryin to buy a house right now so kind of stressed for time. i need to get out more to get my mind off of things for sure.
Back in the day that's how "the one that got away" stories began. I believe you. There are so many fish in the river right now and there is truly something satisfying about catching and releasing a fish when no one is around. Only you get to see the fish and have the memory as your own. Pictures are always great, but moments like that are priceless. Good job on getting a nice fish.

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