Large mouth?

Can anyone tell me if we have an large mouth in oregon. If so i would like to give it ago, Ive always wanted to catch one of them suckers.
of coure there are. tons of them. many lakes,rivers and ponds hold them. take a look at the bass fishing forum and youcan find a lot of helpful info on where to go and what to use!

And if you don't find any large mouth bass we got plenty of large mouth OFFer's around here...... LOL

All you have to do is say..... Car%
I have caught a few in the Molalla an I bet the Tualatin is full of them.

But like GD said there are plenty around here also.:lol:
Ill just keep trying my luck, All i ever find is smallmouth but i shall no give up lol.
Hey crazy horse, poke around on here. You'll find lots of places to get some bucketmouths.

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