Kilchis River

So I wanted to try something new after getting skunked this morning on the Wilson so I took the drive to Kilchis Park on the Kilchis River. Nice little stream, and some nice fish too. I got 5 Cutthroat in about 2 hours and lost about 10 more. The biggest was about 14 inches and the smallest was 5 tops. Saw lots of others in the 10-14 inch range. Will have to make the trip out there again! Anyone else fish this gem?
No. Were is this. I really want to catch some cutthroat...Are they Sea Run ones?
The Kilchis runs I guess into Tillamook Bay(?) a couple miles north of Tillamook. The park I was at was about 7 miles in from the hwy. Pretty small stream but lots and lots of deep pools. Also a very easy stream to wade through and hike along. As far as them being searun. I would think it was a good possibility. Hopefully someone with more info on the area will chime in. Not sure how going to the sea affects there colors. (they looked like regular ol' cutty's) My camera is down for the count so no pics, sorry guys.
I don't believe the searuns are supposed to come into the rivers for a couple more weeks to a month still, but that's not to say they weren't just early.

You mentioned that you were skunked on the Wilson, that's my experience more often than not. I was out there a couple of weeks ago and between the low flows and polarized glasses I could see pretty much everything in the water and I only saw maybe a dozen little cutthroats. I still can't believe they opened it for retention.
I have fished the kilchis park for steelies and it is great all along the wall by the drift boat launch is nice and deep and the trout fishin is good to. How ever be careful when walking the river outside the park the folks that own waterfront property actually own the river so I was informed by a an angery old woman calling me a trespasser and I was knee deep in the stream.
How can people "Own" the River?? Common Sense is dead.
i dont think people can own the river. they own it up to the bank. :lol:
weeeeeeell I was wading this gem of a river last year and a property owner came out and told me to leave, being a self proclaimed lawyer I told him to call the sherrif cause I was in the right according to oregon law..... the state trooper that responded informed me that in no uncertain terms I was tresspassing, the property owner was gracious enough to allow me to leave, ...... and I did. be careful on that river.
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