Kids and carp on the fly

john montana
I snuck out with the kids for a little river exploration and fishing recently. The plan was to cast at a few carp and then explore for crayfish but the river is still so high we couldn't find any rocks to flip over...but we did find a few carp! Here are the kids with a 21 lber.


I would hook the fish, then hand the rod over to the kids. I had to wear this 23 lber out for a few minutes before JJ towed her to the net.


JJ's favorite part is chasing the fish through the shallows while Elia fights them.


I think Elia's favorite part is holding them...and letting them go!




Great time with the kids! Won't be too long now and they will be hooking these beasts as well as netting and fighting them.
Sweet! Once again some big beautiful carp. This time gettin the kids in on the action too. Way to go, that's awesome!
Throbbit _Shane
Very nice! Bet they had a great time fighting those fish!
Jeez John...your son looks just like you. Put a fly rod in his hands now!:)!
Those carp looked bigger than the kids! Great job those are some nice fish.
i bet those kids loved that. i'm always trying to get the little ones i fish with into some bigger fish
Holy Carp Batman!!!

The best thing, I think, about this thread though...are the smiles on those little mugs!

Nicely done.
Johnny Southpaw
Awesome!!!!! Way to get the kids out to enjoy some fishing/family time!!!
Ok, that is it. Time to put on my internet detective hoodie and get to work tracking down your personal info so i can find out where you live. Once i do that i am gonna stake out your house every day until i see you leave with your fly rods. Once you do i am gonna follow you to your monster carp water to find out where you are getting these beasts.
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Looks like a Wonderful Day was had by ALL.

john montana
Thanks guys...great day on the water. My kids are old hands at the carping thing. JJ touched his first carp at six weeks old (front pack) and he fought his first carp on my four weight at 18 months old. Elia fought her first one at 22 months.

I need to make a small fly rod for them...Elia is really interested in the concept.
So, is that carp actually bigger than your kids?
:shock: Don't let them take home a pet!!! Most goldfish bowls arent big enough :shock::lol::lol:
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