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Just found this great site. Im glad i have a source for good info now. we just rented our home out in South Beach and moved down to waldport. I havnt fished the alsea much for chinook or silvers but did a bit of steelhead last winter and the year before. Dont have a boat so can anyone recommend some decent bank spots before the water level rises?
maybe ill meet some of you out there this year!
Lovely name! haha... If your coming from Waldport you'll start seeing pullouts along the way. No spot is better than the other, just each spot fishes good at a specific water level. Take a drive up there right now! Stop at all the pull outs all the way up to Five Rivers boat ramp. I typically never fish above Five rivers for Fall chinook. I'm sure there are a few straglers around but the water still has to be pretty warm. Once the water level gets above 2.2 feet head out there! Low water(-3ft) = fish low... High water(4ft+) = fish higher... There are a couple bank spots in tidewater you can float some eggs.. if you dont have a boat. Fishing spots on the Alsea are easily identifiable. :) Good luck to ya and welcome!
thanks for the advise mike. I went last weekend to a big pull out spot i think just above tidewater...water was pretty deep after some low rapids. Im going to go up tomorrow around 12 or so and see if i can find a bank spot at scotts creek. Was hoping to float some eggs.
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welcome to the fun master-baiter :D
Don't neglect the Bluebacks that in the Scott's Creek area too (nice sea run cutts). The fly in my avatar is the ticket for them. Or, try hot pink Rooster Tails for them or for the Coho's.

Good luck.
Thanks everyone. I have driven by scotts cr. so many times but have failed to see if there is bank access there? I will be shure to stock up on pink. thanks!
Welcome to the site.
welcome as well. I'm new too - just found this forum. My official second post (I stopped by the meet n greet first)
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