Inked up

Left work @ 10:30 this morning and headed south. Arrived in the Coos Bay area around 1:00pm. Headed to the East Fork Millicoma. Lost two fish drifting sand shrimp in the first hole I tried. My buddy went just below me and caught a pretty little hen on a drifted 4" pink worm. The guys just above me hooked three and landed one on shrimp and roe.
Moved up stream @ about 4:00 drifted easy eggs, shrimp and jig fished with no takes. Tied on a chartreuse/silver #3 blue fox for my buddy, nothing. Tied on a #4 Blue/silver and he hooked up and broke "off" a big fish second cast. Tied on a pink/silver #4 and he lost a chromer. I tied a pink rainbow/silver #4 on and walked up above where the other fish had been and casted to the far side of the slot fish on. Finally got to ink my tag. 32" buck nice and chrome and fat.
Fish were caught on everything I saw being used today with the exception of jigs. However I'm sure that jigs would of produced too as there were plenty around.
I'll put up a pic as soon as it gets E-mailed to me. Wish I didn't have to work tomorrow, I'd go hit the South Fork Coos.
NIce job...

NIce job...

Well worth the dirve...congratulations on your first ink of the new year, I also inked last weekend. Again congratulations...:clap:

thanks for the report,hope the fish hang around for another week or so till i get my bit of paper,i think the millicoma will be my fav local river.
Sounds like a fun day. Lots of hookups.
Sounds like a great day, but you left out one thing..... Pictures man, we needs pictures.

Nice job man! You missed out on some good pizza the other day.
nice nice......:dance::dance::dance:
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