I need help! Help me catch my first steelhead

zrowe977 said:
SO i have been fishing my whole life and i go salmon and steelhead fishing every year. Yet i always go home empty handed, and it is not from lack of trying (4 salmon total in 40+ years). I fish up and down the alsea river and Nehalem every year. I though at one time maybe it was my old gear was fouling so i was missing fish(nope it's just me). I have bought a few books and have noticed i have missed quit a few not realizing i had bites. I don't care to know your honey hole, as we all know most of them along the alsea for salmon but what should i be using right now for winter steelhead. Should i be fishing higher up the river or lower? I'm at a loss and i would hate to go yet another year without putting something on my tags. So i figured there is no harm in asking for help
First use a level wind reel so you can get to the bottom and stay there. Understand how to use your gear. 4 salom in foryt years is pretty lean so give me a call and we can talk 541 998 1117 [ call after 6].Also the Nehalem is a very hot river to fish WHEN THE FISH ARE IN. My uncle was a very productive guide [ he taught me well ] and lived on the North Rork Nehalem and died on it, The salmon are there October 26 almost every year, and I once caught a steelhead on the 26th Just because people are fishing dosent mean the fish are there.
jamisonace said:
Either should work.
Might try porkupine eggs also
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