How to vaccum seal and freeze salmon roe

Hello all,
I just ordered a couple quarts of eggs from Amerman Eggs (roe arrived within a day and were still cold, Awesome service)
but I had a few questions.
I have been reading up on the various ways to store/freeze cured roe.
I am going to vacuum seal them in bags, but is it really necessary to pre freeze the eggs before you seal, and if so, should I pour the extra juice on before or after the Pre-Freeze?

planing on sealing very small amounts, and I bet any method will work, but I hate to ruin great looking eggs...
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Yes it is....It is hard to get a good seal otherwise with the one I use. If it is done in small amounts I would try both ways.
If you try to vacuum seal 'em before freezing...the eggs will get crushed otherwise, and won't look too good.
Definitely freeze first. If you don`t they will be smush. It`s yuck time.
yep, pre freeze in the quantities you want. then package and vaccuum. if you don't pre-freeze you'll get egg soup.
I prefer canning jars.
Yea I get my egggs in canning jars and just keep them above freezing, without actually freezing them in the fridge.. They keep for months.. they stay together perfect but don't have to worry about the freeze and thaw..
thanks guys, i'll give a shot this weekend
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