How to rig prawns???

Hey how do you guys rig prawns for fishing behind a diver?
I know how to do it with the bait threader but that requires me to cut my line every time I bait up.. :(

Like to see a way to do it without a threader..

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dude young
I was just showed a pretty cool trick. Tie your spinner rig as normal, but between the last bead and the first hook, take a piece of spinner wire, make a loop in one end and run it over your leader. then tie on your hook. thread the prawn onto the wire. it will hold it straight and then hook your hooks to the prawn.

If that does not make any sense, I will rig one and photo it. Probably with a Salmo attached to the hook, but you'll get the picture... :D
I use a bead chain first and foremost, with a sliding lead. Take your hook run it through where the prawn starts to curl its tail :) . pass your hook through the tail and the run it through the underside of the body coming out and the head.I generaly run a double hook rig with a 3/0 and a 2/0 but a single 3/0 will work.
Wow thanks for all the replies! :)

That Ifish thread was really helpful too with the pics and all...

It's so hard to explain things without pictures... lol.
fishfor life
great information,is going to help me to. Thank you...:clap:
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