How to find out who made a boat

I am interested in making an off on a boat that was owned by the Idaho River Patrol. There is no manufatures name on it anywhere. All there is, is a Hull Number. I would like some info on it and can't find out who made the boat. Idaho has been no help because they have bought from so many manufactures, and they don't register their boats. It is a nice boat, and with the right info, I might bid more for it than I plan on now. Any ideas of who I can e-mail or call. I can't find out if it was a State Boat or County Boat from Idaho yet either, but I am inquiring. Thanks, Qwa, (Dan)
The first three letters are the manufacturers identification number.
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You could also try the Idaho State Marine Board, with the hull #. Maybe the manufacturer had to register the boat?

(And I can't hardly believe that a River Patrol boat does not need to be registered. Not that you're wrong Qwa. Rather, that we fisherpeeps must why not county/state owned boats???)
Well I wish is was as simple as it seemed it would be. This Hull # is 558738. No letters anywhere. I talked to the Idaho Stae Police, The Idaho River Patrol, and the Oregon Marine Board. No body knew anything, But Oregon said no problem regestering it as either home made or Maker Not Known. Either way will work at no extra cost. I just can't find out who made it. The top looks like a Duckworth, but that is all I can identify. It is very heavy Welded Aluminum, and I have compared it to many of the makers I know, with no luck. I may just stay away from it, as It only has 2 front seats, and all the guages have been taken out. It had a radio and a speedometer in it.
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