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I saw a thread on here about ethics. It made me think. If you let someone use your fishing pole and they broke it would you let them barrow another? And would your decision be based off of if they replaced the broken one?
If someone used my rod, broke it and then replaced it then they could borrow as many as they needed. If they didn't replace it no way would they use any of my stuff again ; ) Like other ppl here i also work hard for my money and while im working all i can think about is going fishing or riding my dirt scooter, That being said i tend to be less than polite when ppl seem to take advantage of me or my hard work! just my opinion Cheers, Bob
If it was an old piecer that was close to being broke it would depend on how the person went about it. if it was a perfectly good rod than they would have to replace it to be on my good side. how people take care of your stuff says a lot about them.
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Of course.
it very much depends on who the person is... and how the rod broke...

if he/she is cool and it's not their fault, then it's not a problem.
The way I see it, your rod should have a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer who would replace or fix it for free so it should not be a concern if your buddy broke it. However, there would be a time period before your rod was returned. So if the friend broke it at the beginning of the season then he should be flogged.:D
Not sure about everyone else but not all of us can afford the lifetime warranty rods.
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Like any sport or hobby this one comes at a cost ! However I do believe in helping those who are not so fortunate ! With these two things in mind if it is broken by a person with the means to have their own by their own negligence would not throw another to them to break .If it was due to inexperience or an accident by someone who could otherwise not have participated darn straight I would not hold it against them, and would do my best to let them know it.
Thuggin4Life said:
Not sure about everyone else but not all of us can afford the lifetime warranty rods.

Sure you can. I was given a 4 piece Sage fly rod as a gift and my niece stepped on and broke the two upper sections. Wrote to Sage explaining the situation and that I had no proof that I was the original owner. They had me send the rod and all the pieces to them in the tube. The rod came back with two brand new upper sections. Cost me $40 bucks for handling. I bought another Sage for my son on EBay for $100 and I believe Sage would do the same thing under the same circumstances. These rods new are pushing $500 bucks and if it wasn't for the warranty I'd be slinging flies with a 2wt 6ft Snoopy rod. Some companies are so proud of their stuff that they don't care about anything but to keep you fishing with it.:)
tell you the truth, im acually the type of guy that if you scratch my back ill scratch yours, in english- if you broke my rod i know i would get something in return down the road, but obviously we would have to be good friends. but if it was my only rod then.....
I keep a couple $20 rods around for just these type of when I take my girl's little brothers fishing.
It's very simple to me. I was taught if I broke it I bought it. If I ended up at your place and you said lets go fishing, you can use one of my rods, and I broke it I would replace it. I just like having friends that would lend me a rod if I needed it. That is a true fishing buddy. Again, just MHO, Dan
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Thuggin4Life said:
how people take care of your stuff says a lot about them.

Agreed! If someone needs to borrow my pole ill let them but once i see them misuse it i take it back!
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