hittin the lower deschutes

so ive decided to hit the lower deschutes for monday and tuesday evening,,,im thinkin ill start low and work my way up to maupin.....or would the Mecca area be better to fly fish..either way if anyone wants to meet up and do some flyfishing let me know
Better to hit the Maupin area Mecca Flats doesn't open until April 24th. The river is only open from the northern boundry of Warm Spring to the mouth. If you hit Maupin there is a lot of river access either which way you go. I'm stuck in town with doctors appointment Monday and Tuesday otherwised I'd would I'd would have like to hit the river with you. Good luck!
Irish, im not a doctor, but my wife does make me watch grays anatomy.. so drink two fingers of Jameson neat, smoke 1 ciggarette while reading trout and steelheader journal, get up make your wife breakfast and go fishing with Big steel.... you are Irish, doctors can't help you.... a day flyfishing... well that can add 2 yrs to your life, and the jamesons.... thats just for insurance.
Gotta go see those Docs so I can head over the Mountain next week and hit the Crooked. I'll take the Jameson just ot be safe and fish the sandy till then.;)
Hey, how'd you do? Heading there today...
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