Hells Canyon report 12/5/09

Decided to "finally" go down to Hell's Canyon and chase some Steelhead. Left home late because we wanted it to warm up a bit before we got there. Ended up being between 28-35 degrees. Not bad but there was a strong wind to chill you a bit.

Walked down the trail a ways to the fishing spot and started out with bobber and jigs. After a bit, switched over bouncing the bottom with shimp and corkies. FISH ON!!!

I ended up 3 for 5 and my fishing buddy went 1 for 1. It was her 1st Oregon Steelhead Hope you enjoy the pics.




I few more pics from the day.



That's awesome:clap:, I love the color on that buck in the second pic.


Way too awesome!!! :clap: :dance: :clap: :dance:
Great pictures, wish I lived a wee bit closer.
those pictures remind me of jet boats, 270 rifles and muleys that have racks like elk... I need to get back into that country again.... soon:cool:
To anybody that has never been down to Hell's Canyon, you need to go. Even if you are not fishing the view is just awesome. Try to charter a jetboat trip down the river so you can get a real trip out of it.

If you can hike, there is a trail down the Oregon side you can hike for about a mile (that's where those pics are from).

That dark bucks colors were amazing, I wish i would have taken a few close up photos of it. The others were so bright they looked like trophy rainbows.....
nice fish. Looks like you and your friend had a great time.

As my mom grew up in Nyssa I have been to Hells Canyon area a few times (but sadly not to fish).

Went back this Saturday (12-12-09).

The Temp was in the 20's and to wind was in the 30's. COLD!!!!!

I only caught one steelhead and i saw a couple caught. The wind was so back you couldn't feel anything through your line/rod. Probably missed a few fish because of that.

Still a fun trip and would have been great if the wind wasn't blowing.

edit: and the water levels were a little high for bank fishing. it's best when the water is between 8500 cfs and 12000 cfs.
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Great Job.

Looks like a Mighty Beautiful Day...



Here's a couple images from this Sat.


Iced up guides

Iced up guides

Hey man nice pics.
Yeah, I know that feeling. Iced up guides and bone chilling wind is the worst part about fishing that canyon this time of year.

Did you fish above the boat ramp below the damn? How far down the trail do you go? Were there many boats?

My old teacher claims that you have to go all the way down to the end of the trail for the best bank fishing. I normally go either below the cable above the boat ramp, or off the first rockslide along the trail above the first rapid.
sorry for taking so long to respond.

The first weekend there was a ton of boats on the water. The second there was only a few (i think the weather kept them home).

Both trips we walked the trail as far as it goes. I don't like fishing up by the Dam. There are too many rude people up there. Only the "hard core" walk the trail so they tend to be more respectful to each other.
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