Has anyone had experience with KastKing reels?

I received a Kastking Centron 4000 in the mail yesterday.
These KastKing reels are inexpensive to buy and quick free shipping.
I'm going to mount it on one of my Ugly Stiks and use it for slow trolling for CR Walleye.
I've loaded it with 20# braid, KastKing of course.
The reel seems to be solidly built and very smooth operating.
I'm curious as to whether anyone knows how they hold up?
Absolutely hate them. Great for a cheap starter or maybe something to keep in a toolbox I guess.

We were using them for freshwater, inshore, and saltwater. If you use them more than a day a week they will start making noises.

Everyone I know who still uses them has to carry oil with them to keep the bearings wet every hour.

Sample size of 11 baitcasters and 1 spinning reel.

However, the spinning reel was probably the best of the bunch, as you don't rely on bearings to make a cast, and the drags we left maxed while in use.
You'd be WAY better OFF to buy a used time-tested guide-approved Abu Garcia; than an OFF-brand name product. Spend a little more; but get a lot more.
troutdude said:
You'd be WAY better OFF to buy a used time-tested guide-approved Abu Garcia; than an OFF-brand name product. Spend a little more; but get a lot more.
I'd vote Shimano myself

Either way I do agree, I can't believe how cheap the old metal bodied Penn reels are up here!
I've had one of their bait casters for about a year now. It still works, but it is definitely starting to show its age prematurely. More backlashes than any of my other bait casters (from day one) and the spool tension knob doesn't like to hold in place if I've got it loosened (recent development). I noticed yesterday that the brake has started making a horrible racket if I turn it up. There is a certain amount of wobble in the handle now that wasn't there at the beginning and the paint has started to flake off. I own several other bait casters that are around the same age and have seen as much or more time on the water and I have none of these issues with any of them. I bought an Abu Black Max for a few less dollars the same week I ordered the Kastking and it's humming along exactly the way it was the day I took it out of the box. YMMV
Yeah, I'd vote for Shimano my own self. But this is a product trial.
I get a few products a year that require field evaluation.
Not all of them are the best made.
I'll give it a try and then make an eval based on how it performs and the input I get from other users as they'll want a reply before I've used it enough to judge how it will hold up.
Hooked Up
I bought the 9.3:1 speed demon about 6 months ago for the fast retrieval speed. It tends to backlash a bit more than my Abu Revos, just give it a little more thumb tension seems to work. I got it on Amazon for around $80 so for that price I can deal with spool being a bit more temperamental.
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The trusted brands include Penn, Shimano, Abu Garcia, Akios, Avet, and Daiwa.
Picked up 2 of these for 30 bucks last year cleaned and oiled them now just like new and will last the rest of my life! Bought a couple of cheap Okumas and the last 6 months then in the trash they go! images.jpeg
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