Has anybody been at Lost Lake by Hood River??

im going there and staying for three days what kind of fish is there? what tecnique should i use? a frien told me that place sucks but another guy told me is great so i dont know! :confused:
Last I knew, fishing was limited to lures, and was catch and release only.
Never heard it was catch and release only are you sure it's the one by hood river?I've been there many times but haven't made it this year yet.This time of year you can use almost anything /kast masters are realy good blue silver. make sure you twist your hooks.I was there last year at this time and used anything and everything in my and my friends tackle boxes to catch fish.if you you don't have a boat, fish to the right of the boat launch.toss it as far as you can with power bait and watch for hits on the way down.If the fish are jumping use a fly/bubble combo with an elk hair caddis / wolly worm or pheasent tail nymp fished very slowly.They also put spent steelhead in the lake so be ready.PM me for more.last time I was there there was 200 fish swimming under the boat many,many times.Good luck!
Kinds of fish....Rainbow...brown...brook....Kokanee...steelhead, try to get the grand slam ,all five, in one day, You can do it! Good luck!
hey, i got a really good tip for that lake if u r interested. you wont catch much at that lake, except if you go to the rockslide across tha lake. you can see it almost anywhere at the lake, and you only have to hop onto the trail and hike to it. the slide slopes pretty much straight down, and all the fish hang out here. use power bait a couple feet off the bottom, or a worm a few feet under a bobber. oh, and the biggest secret.. use shrimp or crawdad oil on your bait. it kills em! hope you take my advice!
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