Great fishless story ( for us anyway ) long

I don't share much here often but i thought i would share this story in lieu of some of the negative human behavior stories i have heard lately.

So with the recent rain we have been getting we decided to make another float on our favorite mid coast river yesterday. We are usually on our game every time we head out, but we got a late start do to losing and forgetting a couple of things.:confused: My mind wasn't 100% on fishing anyway due to a recent family event . So we finally make it to the launch around 9. Not the greatest fishing doused several , missed a no brainer plug take down due to looking up at the highway and discussing what side of the road has the best shoulder for the long walk back...lost another drifting. So as we are about 1/4 mile from the takeout , two young men ( mid 20's at best ) passed us by. We do the perfunctory "any good? " they caught a nice buck but agreed fishing was far from hot. After they passed i asked my buddy - " you have two choices - we either keep fishing these next few holes and you walk, or we catch up with them and you may have a ride. " He agreed with the catch a ride idea.

So we tried to book down as it seemed they were in a hurry. When we got to the boat landing , their boat was parked and one of the guys was banking it. :( So we figured we may be thumbing it at least until his friend got back to get the boat- IF they were headed back the same way. So i hit bank and my buddy jumped out to hit the road , hopefully finding a ride. As i was waiting, i asked the other guy if i he wouldn't mind if i made a few casts with the limited bank area we had. " sure no problem at all " . So as we casted away we were discussing recent fishing experiences. We were talking about ways of fishing yarn and he showed me his rig up for drifting it. (And just for those who are presumptuous- his leader was not even 2 1/2 feet long.) So not a few casts later and- BAM ! He hooks into a nice bright hen ! He was using 6lb line on a trout rod because he had broke his steelhead rod earlier that day. This setup was borrowed and it barely had 100 feet on line on it LOL ! You could see the bottom of spool through the line lol ! So after a short 'edge of your seat' fight i netted this beautiful hatchery fish. What a great way to end the day. Catch a ' lone' fish at the end of a slow day- at the boat boat landing ! So we agreed this was probably just a lone fish/lucky shot. He then shows me how weak this old ' crappy ' 6lb Trilene is lol ! ( i like trilene xt damnit ! lol) he pulls on a section with little force ' snap ! ' does this several times to prove how weak the line is. I was thinking of letting him use my extra spinning rod to keep fishing - and i should have- my bad.

So he whips back out there... " fish on ! " another hot bright fish ! I grab the net again but the fish had other plans and threw the hook ( not broke the line mind you ).

As we were waiting the other young man had got a ride but just as they were pulling out , he stopped the driver to ask if he could pick up my buddy:clap:.So not even a few minutes later my buddy and the other guy show up. To make a long story short - we decide to float to the next "unimproved landing " . Very unimproved. So these two young men decide to follow our lead . They are a little leery about the takeout- but of course me being the more "experienced " older ( 40 ) guy with the full size ford with 4wd - i tell them not to worry right ? AND i tell them if they get to the landing before we do , don't feel you need to wait for us as it is a short walk back to our rig. They insist on waiting just to help out. :clap: and im glad they did. So we desperately froth the water as we know we hit the "pod of fish" that were pushed up by the rain. The young men were hurrying down as im sure they were worried about the take out . My buddy who insists on fishing any water -fishy or not- is making a cast in this very unfishy water not long before the takeout. Im telling him, as i the "expert" usually does - "man , that water is too shallow - you'll get hung up - lets get em in and call it - " fish on !" He hooks a bright fish ! Makes a run and jump - off. Damn ! Oh well. So we pull up as they are taking out their boat.

They used their trailer rope and a strap to pull their boat up with their little toyota 4wd then load up the boat up top. Slick as a whistle . I figure no problem right ? So as i get a up to the rig i tell the young guy ' dan ' i think his name is ..." you guys don't need to hang around - we got it " . He said "ahh , we will help you . ":clap: Im glad they did. My trailer rope didn't reach the boat and my 4wd was not locking all the way in. Only one front wheel was locked. I found this out ON the " boat landing ". To wrap this up - lots of mud and cusswords later -and with the extra help - we made it out .

The main reason for this story is - i hate to say it- but i see a lot of reprehensible behavior and attitude by young people today. Maybe im wrong and im reaching that complaining age 40 lol- but i and my buddy 54 - both agree we see it more than we would like. We were actually discussing it earlier that day. Too much " fish jock -itus " . If its not unhelpful people , its the prideful know it all's. And my peer group and older is not always off the hook either.

But with these young guys ( and they were not churchy buy any means lol) they break the mold. Someone raised them right. Not prideful , no boasting , thankful for help given, and willing to go beyond and above to help others. It really put a great end to a slow and wet fishing day. I exchanged numbers with them and we offered them a free of cost trip for their help. It still stands and you have read it here. I think the one guys name is Dan and hes from Bandon - so if he his buddy or anyone who knows them reads this - tell them - Thanks again !!!! We need more sportsmen like you !

I wish i had pics to share but i have a dumb phone , its a pain to post and i don't usually post anymore. If the guys read this and want to post pics - feel free to forward them to me. If not i understand.

And we coined a new advertisement - no im not a guide but - ' cobias' guide service " hey - if you make it back alive , at least you'll have a story to tell "

Brought to you by JB weld. Inside joke.

anyway -

peace and thanks for reading
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Nice when you are on the river and meet good people.
Very nice! :D It's good to hear positive stories about good deeds, especially by youngsters. Thanks for sharing. :clap:
There is a bunch of good people out there, you don't see them everyday but they are out there! Good story!
There is gonna be a big demand for corrections officers once these little shipoopies out in the world you speak of reach legal age.
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Thanks for sharing your story.
Double Thumbs Up !!! Good for the younger generation to be able to appreciate whats going on around them. Nice to hear of a good outing....
need to fish
nice story you never know who the nice peopl are or who the jerks are
Casting Call
OK! Here goes, I am older than either one of you. In my time it was BE the" Golden Rule" now I belive it's "Pay It Forward" I belive it's all the parents fault by not installing integrity in ones character. Be a good parent or teacher. My 2 cents worth. Great story . thanks for sharing. Gotta Casting Call TTFN
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