Great day out of Gold Beach!


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We finally dot a narrow window today and took advantage. Splashed the boat about 8:45 and lines in about 9:15 Kinda jackass conditions and a pretty fast drift at first. The ling bite was OFF the charts, and we had 8 legal linsgs by 10:30. We got into a school fish bite and got some really nice olives and a few blacks.Great weather as the day progressed and back in by noon! HAVE FUN! Oh yea..... Thanks Mark!


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Nice boat load of fish, and quite the descender you have showing in the picture! That ocean sure looks nice too.


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Ok Whip, bottom fish have gotten toooo easy for you and your crew.
Call me some time and we'll talk HALIBUT. Like 50-110 lb's
I cant post it ,still have old timers in gold Beach that curse me about the Garden.. Even when its on all the maps.