Good kokanee spots near Corvallis?????

Hey all. Movin down to Corvallis in a couple weeks and am lookin for fishin buddies and good kokanee waters nearby. I don't know Oregon waters all that well but can tell you where the hot spots in WA are if you're headed that way. Thanks
only place i can mention somewhat close to corvallis would be Green Peter Reservoir east of sweethome oregon.
Yes, Green Peter is the closest...about 45 minutes one way. But, there is also Suttle Lake; about 1.5 hours away (which also holds LARGE browns). And there is Detroit Reservoir, also about 1.5 hours away.

If you want to shoot for a possible world record koke, Wallowa Lake is the place to go. Three consecutive state records have been harvested within the last 3 months. Plus, a possible new World Record was caught there on Sunday morning (breaking the state record again for the 4th time this year). It weighed in at 9.67 pounds, and was 27" long. The only downside is that Wallowa, is about 6 hours away from Corvallis.
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Sounds good and thank you. We fished Riffe Lake the other day and hit 30 in 45 min all between 16-21 inches. Had similar results the previous 2 days between the 6 of us. I love eatin them things. If you guys ever need another rod, let me know. Thank you
If you're giving away a hand is up...PICK ME, PICK ME!!! LOL

Ummm, never heard of Riffe Lake. Where might it be?
Take I-5 north to exit 68 in WA and head east. There's a few dynamite bank spots and excellant trolling. Merwin and Yale resivours further south are awesome too.
hey if you are interested in going to green peter an to get a layout of the place, lemme know, was there today an got 18, then going tomorrow with troutdude, but sunday i might head back up there?????
Are Kokes a good fish to fish for say early august? I have never fished for them but it sounds like you guys are having good luck.
youre just going to have to go deeper as the year goes on.
Sorry I missed ya Mosd, was in Washington hammerin muskies. Lemme know next time youre plannin on goin up if you want. I'd love to learn that lake
im there just about every weekend till the end of august, was there last friday(13), then sat(19). there averaging 14-15" with some in the 16" class... most of the bucks ive been getting are showing signs of turning. starting to get the hooked jaw, and scales are getting to be few an far.. but still great smoking, had my smoker humming all weekend long..

shoot me a pm if ya want to go
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