-Good couple of days!-

Worked hard last week getting a ton of jigs done so I took a few days off. Looks like the fish are starting to show up. Its about time!! :D Here are just some pics from my last two outings.

This one came on a green and silver R and B spinner. I had one other steelhead hit it later in the day as well. :dance:

This one fell for eggs under a float

Fish came on a little bit of everything and I have a few pics I am waiting on that have some jigs in fishes mouths. :D Hooked other fish that were not lucky enough to see the camera too! :( Its been fun but now I need to get back to jigs. I have a few videos that will be online in a few days. Good luck out there. :D
Well done man! I can't wait to get down in that area to get into some fish in a couple weeks..
very awesome! I love using french spinners and in-lines along with crankbaits! I can't wait to hopefully one day to catch a steelhead! I think i will need to get some wadders like yours but its pretty confusing as to what soles to get.
felt soles are standard or cork and spikes..
IMO...felt soles are the way to go then I added some very small sheet metal screws in the arch area...I have never slipped at all... even on the N. Umpqua
Mine are studded felt soles and work great.
Thanks guys I appriciate the tips. Back home we used basic hip waders if at all but they where like rubber soles nothing special about them good to use in mud. But from what I seen a lot of smooth rocks around here.
Good job man. Good to get out and fish every once and a while.
nice fish bro.....you deserve some time off to fish....keep up the good work:clap::clap:
Should be good after this rain!! Oh yeah! :lol:
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