Good & bad day at Green Peter

The good. went to green peter the 6th put in at thisel creek 630 am fished until 2 pm caught 50 kokanee between 6-9 inches they are still small but are starting to plump up. Colors were orange and pink depth 30-40 feet.

The bad .when i started my truck to load up my boat i found out that some low life had cut out the catilic converters form the truck & the exhaust was coming straight out from the headers so the 50 fish came out to about three thousand dollars to replace the exhaust system. yes the insurance will pay for it but we shouldn't have to worry about what is going on at the parking lot while we are fishing. So keep an eye out when you are there the low life's are prowling & it can happen to you. I guess we will keep cleaning up debris form the ice storm until we get our truck back from the shop. but we will be back.
Pieces of SH&T
Sorry. Happened to me once in Portland 10 years ago. Very frustrating.
this is what's coming to crack down on the illegal trade in them in Oregon:
my concern is whether the a-holes will be able to just take them to adjacent states and sell them. This needs to be a coordinated crack down between multiple states or a Federal law.
Old Cole
What kind of human being would destroy another mans property for money? Its starting to look like people have no respect for anything anymore.. Sorry you had to suffer such an insult.
The catalytic converters are a "cyclical economy". A demand for used converters existed because they suddenly disappear from older vehicles; a new replacement is prohibitively expensive.

Plus the precious metals value is a strong incentive. The market for converters is driven by their platinum / palladium / rhodium content. The authorities could regulate sale of said metals, but that would be a political nightmare ...

So many factors involved, but the main culprits seem to be related to the drug trade; desparate and not normal minded people usually ...
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