Garibaldi bottom fishing and crabbing 03-31-2019


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Saw very nice ocean conditions for Sunday, and decided to go bottom fishing and crabbing with Chad and Todd. Dropped three pots on our way to Three Arches. Once there we only managed two keeper ling cod, one canary and eight sea bass. On the way back to our pots, my 2014 Suzuki 115 four stroke stopped running. No electrical at all, no warning beep, no power trim, etc. Luckily we were close to our pots, picked them up, surprised to find twenty keepers in the pots. Finished the trek back to the harbor on the Suzuki 9.9 kicker motor at about 5.5 mph.
When on the ocean I usually try and call it a day about 1 or 1:30 p.m. Part of this is I still have to drive back to Portland, clean fish, cook crab, etc. Another reason is more daylight hours if a situation does develops like it did for me. I was very thankful for a calm ocean and not very strong ebb tide.
I think part of the reason for a somewhat slow fishing day may be that there appeared to be a lot of bait in the water, this should bode well for the future.


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Glad you were able to get back on the kicker. If you think about it, let us know what the problem was with the big motor. Had a 115 Mercury do that to me out of Astoria, turned out to be a fuse way up under the dash board. Did not figure it out until I was back at the dock.

" I was very thankful for a calm ocean and not very strong ebb tide." I certainly believe that!


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Great report and sorry about the motor. Thank god you had the kicker.
Let use know what the problem was (fuse) ?
My buddy in Mexico just switched to Suzuki