Fun to come up with new shapes/actions as much as it is catching fish

Guess I'll try adding photos and hope they won't be gigantic like my other post.

I work with plastic and molds to make lures, but modifying lures is always primary. I have molds for curl tail designs and figured that
maybe if the body was made thicker, it might generate more strikes in murky water. To do that I dipped premade lures in hot (300 degree) plastic one or more times and allowed to cool. They seem they do better with the plumper bodies:

(Note the clear plastic lures that caught fish.)

In line with the chubby lure idea, I came up with what I call the light bulb lure design - a hand-poured lure named Mo Magic by the company that makes the mold. I cut off the front bulbous front of the straight tail grub. This is the original which does well:

I add it to a smaller body and use it with a light jig.
The ones at the top along with other dipped plastics:

The same shape is achieved by cutting off the end of this Softy Worm on the left:

Here I added a Crappie Magnet tail to a Mo Magic dipped segment:

The above were discovered in the last three months and have caught hundreds of fish.
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The finesse Ned rig!

Love the customs, always willing to try things the fish haven't seen before.

Do you think the larger lure makes more of a difference than color in murky water?

Gerald Swindle I think was the one who taught me that confidence is by far the most important factor, then presentation, then color
Do you think the larger lure makes more of a difference than color in murky water?
I do now as of yesterday with 71 fish caught under a bright sun from 11 am - 5 pm.
I decided to double-dip more plastics making the body chubby, especially straight tails and curl tails in different colors. All-size fish smacked them!

Note the clear plastic ct on the right with black stripe. The lure was clobbered until the tail was bit off.

The chubby light bulb also did fantastic:

I have a few ideas why the increase in thickness may make a difference, but suffice to say the only reason is that they catch fish - and better than smaller lures of the same design!!! Curl tails haven't been a favorite of mine until the body increase in diameter.
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