Fun time fishing, but no cigar

My dad surprised my cousin and I with a guided fishing trip. We fished the Wilson and my cousin hooked one steelhead, but it got off. He landed his first ever cutthroat, and we caught several steelhead smolts, but no steelhead landed. Still had fun tho. The guide gave us some tips and information too. We saw one chrome hatchery steelhead that was caught by someone on the bank. We floated fished, bobber dogged, and plug fished. My cousin got the bite on a bead. No fish pictures cause we caught the cutthroat in fast water so just a quick release and the smolts weren’t worthy of a photo 😂. There’s steelhead in the river, but the Wilsons not at its peak yet. The river was starting to get into fishable shape, but it’s going to blow out again with the rain this week. Third time being on a drift boat and the whole thing was a new experience for my city boy cousin from Cali 😂 we both had fun. I also caught some new personal best cutthroats, and a few steelhead smolts. If anybody wants to try some good food imo the food at Alice’s country house is pretty good. The grilled cheese sandwiches at the tillamook cheese factory are really good too, but then again anything tastes delicious after a long day of fishing.
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Looks like you guys had a great time with one of the best dudes on the coast........
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